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Policy Summary: Addressing needs in the public health workforce in Europe | DRAFT FOR CONSULTATION

November 23, 2012 by Robert Otok   Comments (0)

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A draft of ASPHER’s policy brief on addressing needs of the public health workforce in Europe is now posted! We are hoping to receive many comments from you during this consultation phase. The compilation of this policy summary was led by Vesna Bjegovic Mikanovic, ASPHER President Elect along with a team of co-authors. It represents also collaboration between ASPHER and the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.

This policy summary describes the needs of a multidisciplinary public health workforce in Europe given the growth and complexity of current societal challenges. The important role of employers in determining core and emerging competences and the need for stepping up public health training and education are underlined.

The co-authors are eagerly awaiting feedback from ASPHER members and all others who may be interested. Click on the link above to read the policy brief and send your comments by December 17.

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